ASUS ROG GameXpo 2016 - Qualifier #1

Peli: Counter-Strike: GO Alkaa: Sun, Oct 16th 2016, 16:00 EEST Päättyy: Sun, Oct 16th 2016, 22:45 EEST

UPDATE 2 (22.10.2016, 22:00) - Clarify the substitute team system (3rd places).
UPDATE 1 (16.10.2016, 12:00)
- Rules have been added.

This is the first Finnish qualifier tournament for the ASUS ROG GameXpo 2016 CS:GO tournament which will be played in GameXpo on November 4-6. The winner earns a spot in the main tournament. The qualifier tournament is only open for teams with at least 3/5 of the players being Finnish. Top 2 teams will advance to GameXpo. The teams will need to cover all their own expenses.


Start time: October 16, 16:00 EEST
Sign-up start: Immediately
Sign-up end: October 16, 15:00 EEST (1 hour before start)
Check-in start: October 16, 15:00 EEST (1 hour before start)
Check-in end: October 16, 16:00 EEST
Format: Single elimination, bo1
Max teams: 128
Prizes: Top 2 advance to the main tournament
Servers: Teams need to provide their own servers
Rules: full rules
IRC:  #gamexpo @ QuakeNet


1. RCTIC.eSports - Qualified
2. Conquer Gaming - Qualified
3. EnRo Griffins

How to participate

  1. Create an account on this website if you do not have one (only the team captain needs to create an account).
  2. Create a team and add all the players names and steamids to the description (no need to add other users to the team).
  3. Press "Osallistu" button on the right side of this page. Your team show now appear in the participants list.
  4. Press "Check-in" button on the ride side of this page when check-in starts at 15:00--16:00 EEST on Sunday October 16.
    Note: The first 128 teams to check-in will get in and the rest will go to a waiting list.
  5. Wait for the bracket to be released.
  6. Join IRC channel #gamexpo @ QuakeNet to find your opponent.
  7. Report scores yourself by clicking the match like this. If there is a conflict, let admins know first.
  8. Announce problems to the admins in the IRC channel.
  9. Have fun!


  1. All teams must have at least 3/5 of their players Finnish citizens or living in Finland
  2. Team description must include the nicknames and steamids of all the members in the team before the tournament start


1. Advances to the ASUS ROG GameXpo 2016 tournament with qualifier seed #1
2. Advances to the ASUS ROG GameXpo 2016 tournament with qualifier seed #2
3. First substitute team in case of a cancellation (plays the 3rd team from the 2nd qualifier to determine seeds)


Sunday, October 16
15:00 EEST - Sign-up ends & Check-in opens
16:00 EEST - Tournament starts

On Sunday we play as many rounds as possible until 24:00 EEST.
If there are still rounds left to play, we continue on Monday at 19:00 EEST.

Meeting your opponent

Go to IRC channel #gamexpo in QuakeNet and ask for your opponent's team in the chat.

Operators (people with @-symbol in front of them) are admins. If you are in trouble, ask them for help.

All team captains must remain in the channel when they are still in the tournament.

Reporting scores

Only the captain of the winning team reports the score.

To report, click on your match from the bracket and add match round scores from the button on the right hand side. In trouble, see this guide.


Teams are required to use their own servers. If your team or your opponent does not have a server and you can't borrow a server from anyone else, you need to rent a server from somewhere like or

The servers should be located in Finland or Sweden (or elsewhere if both teams agree), and have the latest ESL server config (esl5on5.cfg, 14.01.2016) insalled.ESL plugin and eBot are also preferred.

If a server with EasyAntiCheat (EAC) is available that server is to be used, but otherwise Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) is enough if no EAC server is available.


info [at]


Important: read full rules here.

Rules summary:

  • Team
    • Team size: 5 actual players and possibly 2 reserve players.
    • One player can only be in one team during the tournament.
  • VAC
    • A player who has a less than 2 years old CS:GO VAC ban on his tournament account record may not enter or play in the tournament.
  • Demos
    • All players must record in-eyes demos for all matches.
    • After a match the losing team may request at maximum 3 demos from the opposing team.
  • Maps
    • de_dust2, de_train, de_nuke, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone, de_cache
    • Map selection starter is Team A, which is on the left team on the match page, or the upper team in the bracket page.
    • Side selection will be decided with a knife round.
  • Overtime
    • MR3, 10 000 $
  • Pausing
    • Pausing a game must be done at the round end.
    • Tactital pause max 60 sec per match.
  • Protests
    • Team captain must make protest in 25 minutes after match has finished.
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