ASUS ROG GameXpo 2016 CS:GO Qualifier Rules

23.10.2016 - Rules updated: added clause for coaches in server & clarification on VAC ban
13.10.2016 - Rules created

These rules are for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Every participant must read and understand the following rules and hold a sportsmanlike behavior, including player avatar and screen names. Unsportsmanlike behavior will be sanctioned. Game admins have the final decision in all conflicts and sanctions. Game admins reserve all rights for changes related to these documents. Game admins can pause the tournament because of a serious technical problem or other reason as seen fit, e.g. medical emergency.

All cheating, including ghosting, is forbidden. If a team is not sure whether a spot is allowed, they MUST ask the head admin prior to tournament start to find out whether it is allowed or not.

Breaking any of the rules will result in sanctions, including but not limited to:

  • Warnings
  • Losing a single game
  • Losing a game series
  • Removal of a player or a team from the tournament
  • Removal of a player or a team from the event

A decision made by a single admin can be challenged by bringing it up with the head admin. This complaint can only be made right after the decision has been called or the game has ended, whichever occurred first. The head admin's decision is final and cannot be challenged.

1. General rules

  1. Game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, latest version
  2. Team size: 5 actual players and possibly 2 reserve players.
  3. A team may change at maximum 2 of its actual players.
  4. One player can only be in one team during the tournament.
  5. VoIP software (Mumble, TeamSpeak, Discord, Skype) is allowed.
  6. Any software that modifies game files or grants an unfair advantage in the game is strictly forbidden and is grounds for immediate removal from the tournament.
  7. All players must use their official same screen name throughout the tournament unless admin states otherwise. Sponsors at the end of the name are allowed.
  8. If a team has fewer than four players ready on the server after 15 min from the appointed match start time, the team faces a no-show loss.
  9. A player who has a less than 2 years old CS:GO VAC ban on his tournament account record may not enter or play in the tournament.
  10. The team captain needs to be in the tournament channel during the tournament.
  11. The winning team captain enters the match result on the match web page.
  12. Using the coaching feature on the server is allowed.

2. Demos

  1. All players must record in-eyes demos for all matches.
    1. Once in the game server, type: record match1_opponent in console, e.g. record match1_ence
    2. Recording will stop once you quit the server.
  2. After a match the losing team may request at maximum 3 demos from the opposing team.
  3. If a team cannot deliver the demos in 20 minutes, the other team must make a protest to an admin, who will give proper sanctions.
  4. If a team has not recorded demos, they will lose the match.
  5. When doing a protest according to the demos, the team captain must provide specific rounds and situations where the action occurs for the admins, 5 instances at maximum.

3. Game rules

  1. Game mode: mr15
  2. Total of 30 rounds, 15 rounds for both teams on both sides.
  3. Start money: $800
  4. Round time: 1 minute 55 seconds.
  5. Freeze time: 15 seconds
  6. C4-timer: 40 sec
  7. First team to win 16 rounds on actual game time wins the match.
  8. Overtime
    1. If a map ends in a tie, an overtime will be played.
    2. Teams will continue on the same sides as in actual game time.
    3. First team to win 4 rounds on overtime wins the match.
    4. Game mode: mr3
    5. Starting money: $10,000
    6. Overtime is played until the winner is clear.
  9. Side selection will be decided with a knife round at the start of a match or game series.
  10. Grenade amounts
    1. Total of 4, consisting of:
      1. Flashbang, max 2
      2. HE-grenade, max 1
      3. Flashbang, max 1
      4. Molotov/Incendiary, max 1
      5. Decoy, max 1
  11. Other rules
    1. Scripts (excluding buy, toggle, demo script) are forbidden. If you're not sure if a script is permitted to use, contact admins before playing matches. Jumpthrow script is forbidden.
    2. External programs which affect the game state or perform in-game actions are not allowed.
    3. Disconnecting intentionally during a match isn't allowed.
    4. Planting the bomb so that it cannot be defused is not allowed.
    5. Planting the bomb with a boost is not allowed.
    6. Bomb defusal through an obstacle without a line of sight (wall, ceiling) is not allowed.
    7. Using bugs which change the game principles (i.e. spawn bugs) is not allowed.
    8. Boosting is allowed except when the textures, walls, ceilings or floors become transparent or penetrable.
  12. Specific rule for exceptional exploit usage
    1. Currently there is known exploit in map de_overpass, which disallows T side to throw grenades to B site. All teams caught using this decoy bug will be deducted three rounds for every time it was performed.
    2. "Following July 9's update, the pattern in which the train on de_overpass passes has been changed from random to regular: the first train will start to move 10 seconds after the Terrorists leave their spawn tunnel. Recently, it was discovered that, by throwing a decoy grenade onto the tracks approximately 16 seconds into the round, it was possible to stop the train, which would eliminate the option to throw grenades onto the B bombsite."

4. Pausing

  1. Pausing a game must be done at the round end.
  2. Pausing a game is only allowed in case of a tactical time-out or a technical issue.
  3. Only the pausing team may resume the game.
  4. A tactical pause may be used once in a match, and it lasts at most 60 seconds.
  5. If a player faces technical issues, the game may be paused for a maximum of 10 minutes, after which the game will resume regardless of that player's ability to play.
  6. In case of technical issue, caused by the server or network, affects at least 3 players and the issue lasts more than 10 minutes, the match will be restarted with the following instructions:
    1. If the 3rd round has not started yet, the match will re-start from round 1.
    2. If the 3rd round has started, the match will continue with same score and with startmoney 6 500 $.

5. Maps

  1. Map pool
    1. de_dust2
    2. de_train
    3. de_nuke
    4. de_mirage
    5. de_overpass
    6. de_cobblestone
    7. de_cache
  2. Map picks
    1. Map selection starter is Team A, which is on the left team on the match page, or the upper team in the bracket page.
    2. Best of one (1)
      1. A removes one of seven maps.
      2. B removes one of six maps
      3. A removes one of five maps
      4. B removes one of four maps
      5. A removes one of three maps
      6. B removes one of two maps
      7. The remaining map will be played and starting sides will be determined with a knife round
    3. Best of three (3)
      1. A removes one of seven maps
      2. B removes one of six maps
      3. A chooses the 1st map to be played
      4. B chooses the 2nd map to be played
      5. A removes one of five maps
      6. B removes one of four maps
      7. The remaining map will be played as the 3rd map.
      8. The map chosen by A will be played first, starting sides will be determined with a knife round

6. Conflicts, fair play and protests

  1. Team captain must make protest in 25 minutes after match has finished. No pause can occur in-game for this matter. All cases are handled by admins after the match.
  2. This tournament relies on fair play rules. Insulting, racism and mocking religion is totally forbidden and will be punished by organizers. Trash talking is also forbidden and will result in a warning.
  3. Sanctions
    1. Warning, round loss, map loss, match loss, disqualification of player or team, ban of player or team.
    2. Round loss is deducted from the end of the map.
    3. Tournament officials will use the sanctions available as they see fit.